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A collection media from various personal works and experiements.




Dear Esther

Lead Artist & Designer | Source Engine | 2009-2013

Dear Esther is a deep, poetic ghost story told using game technologies. You explore a deserted island, uncovering a tale of love, loss, grief and redemption, delivered through a stunning voice-over and soundtrack set against beautiful environments. [dropdown_box]

Dear Esther was originally a simple Source Engine mod, designed as an academic experiment to see what would happen if you stripped out ‘traditional gameplay’ from a first person game space, and instead, used that space to tell a story. The commercial remake came about whilst taking a year out from work and was looking for an interesting side project to help keep , which is when I stumbled across Dear Esther and came up with the idea of doing a fully realised remake with a polished design and visuals. The full story behind the development of the remake can be found on my Blog.

Dear Esther was released on February 14th 2012 and has been a phenomenal success; selling over 50,000 copies in its first week alone and over 600,000 copies to date.


IGF 2012: Best in Visual Art >> TIGA 2012: Debut, Action/Adventure, Originality, Visual Design, Audio and Start-up >> HoPlay 2012: Best Original Idea >> Develop 2012: Best Use of Narritive & Best Microstudio >> nominated in 5 categories at the 2013 BAFTA Game Awards, including, Artistic Achievement, Audio, British Game, Debut Game and Performer




Mirror’s Edge

Environment Artist | Unreal Engine 3 | 2007-2009

Mirror’s Edge is a first-person parkour game set in a dystopian future and combines unique game play and art style. The visual look is what strongly attracted me to the project; the pristine buildings, bold colours and unique modern architecture. [dropdown_box]This was very different from what I had worked on previously and I enjoyed experimenting with the fresh new look and it was very liberating to play with creative architecture styles and designs.

During the project I took on a large variety of tasks from modelling and texturing, to a little fx and lighting. Most importantly my main role was preparing and art dressing the environments in the game. The levels I worked on during my time on Mirror’s edge were the stormdrains level (Jack Knife) and the final level (The Shard)


Action Game of the Year from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences >> GamesCom 2008 Best Xbox 360 Game >> GamePro Best of E3 2008 >> Best of E3 2008 >> Game Critics Awards: Best Original Game at E3 2008.





Environment Artist & Designer | Source Engine – Nuclear Dawn | 2007

Nuclear Dawn was a modification for Valve’s Source engine that combined First Person Shooter action with fast-paced Real Time Strategy in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war.[dropdown_box] When I joined the team back in 2005 Nuclear Dawn was one of the most professional looking mods I’d seen. I joined because I knew it would push my skills as an artist to match high standards that had been set out by other members of the team. This was my second map for the Source engine and during that time I learned a great deal about game play, graphics and optimisation.

Unfortunately, although nd_russia was eventually completed, Nuclear Dawn – the mod was not, however it was later picked up by indie developers Interwave who have since fully developed it into a full commercial game. A modified version of the map is also feature in the Off-Limits mod.





Environment Artist | Source Engine | 2007

De_Forest is a map for Counterstrike: Source based in a dense forest environment. This map spent many months in the planning stage before I even opened up the Hammer editor. The premise was to not only create a dense forest packed with high details and beautiful vistas, but to also create a very fun and original game play style for CS.[dropdown_box]I spent a long time studying successful maps and layouts for Counterstrike and analysing their best features and using that knowledge to create an original design. I then crafted an extremely efficient tree and foliage system to run efficiently on the Source engine. Finally, I spent 2 months polishing up the game play before I was satisfied to release it to the world. You can download DE_Forest over at FPS Banana.