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1 down – 4 to go!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been concentrating on filling out the rest of the exterior of the retreat area with details such as an old garage, woodshed, barrels, foliage, chicken coops – you name it, it’s probably there! I’m pretty much satisfied with the work done on this area as a first pass and now researching reference imagery for the next area I’ll be working on; a small abandoned train depot. …Read More

Foliage, Fo-li-age!

Progress has been going well; I’ve been working on a number of different things over the past couple of weeks, starting with some research into VTFs and light bounce. I remembered reading a while ago about how VRAD determines light bounce and colour based on a value in the VTF’s header info which is calculated when you save the VTF…

…Read More

The pitter-patter of tiny steps

Well it’s been a while since the last update, been so caught up in working on the mod it hadn’t dawned on me to post an update, so while my brain is engaged I think I should probably do so now to avoid an information overload. …Read More

Bits and Bobs

So i’ve been fiddling around with a lot of stuff this week, firstly R_Yell got the first pass of Ironsights into the game which is awesome! He made a system where I can just position each weapon manually via the console and then when I have a it looking good, I simply enter the values in the weapon’s .txt file and the position will be remembered the next time the game loads. …Read More

Down to design: Objectives and layout

So with the code shaping up nicely and almost complete, I have been concentrating more on the gamplay side of things again and brainstorming objective ideas and finally got down to some level design. Here is what I have so far: …Read More